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Flowers Candles Funeral

             Medium        27th September 2019

Fifty is an interesting milestone for all of us but has caused me to consider my mortality perhaps more than some, and I have good reason. My father had his first of three heart attacks at 50. The third, at 55, killed him.

I was only three years old and barely remember, so it’s not the traumatic loss for me you might assume. Even still, it’s there in the background and has moved more to the foreground as 50 approached.

He’s Coming. Are You Ready?

Thoughts on Turning 50


Elephant Journal     2nd January 2019

I guess my current part-time employment situation is causing me a bit more anxiety than I realized. Oh sure, the signs of instability have been present for awhile, like my compulsion to apply for a dozen full-time jobs a week regardless of whether I’m even remotely qualified or interested in any of them. Still, I didn’t quite realize how all-encompassing my anxiety had become 

5 Lessons from Kids on how to Stop being So Damn Mean to Each Other


Thought Catalog     18th December 2018

When He Finally Realized She Was Right To Leave

He was lying under a tacky, 1980s-style glass coffee table, looking up through it, sobbing and begging his wife not to leave. They’d met in college and dated off and on throughout, neither one really ever pursuing any meaningful connection with anyone else during their occasional breakups.

Perhaps they’d never broken free of each other not because theirs was some everlasting love destined to endure life’s inevitable bumps but simply because the familiar was less frightening than the unknown. After college, marriage seemed

6 steps

Elephant Journal     22nd September 2018

6 Steps to Leading a Balanced Life in a Non-Stop Culture.

Where do our priorities in life really lie?

Why do we continually hold people who aren’t good role models for a satisfying and productive life out as shining examples of how to live?

Take CEOs for example. I’ve read countless articles extolling the virtues of the CEO who sleeps four hours a night and is constantly plugged in to text, email, smoke signals, and every other means of communication.


Thought Catalog     4th February 2018

The Worst Chapter Of Our Lives Will Never Be Our Whole Story

I recently had a vivid dream about receiving an odd assignment on my first day at a new job. In my dream, several new hires eagerly met with our supervisor who surprised us by tasking us with writing an essay on “karma.”

Gulp. A lump of anxiety formed in my throat that I could feel, even in my dream state. I was pretty sure “karma” was just a fancy word for “destiny” or “fate,” a heady topic under any name and one I wasn’t thrilled to tackle.

3 little words.JPG

Elephant Journal     18th November 2017

Say these 3 Little Words    before it’s too Late.

Three little words.

Oh, but not just any three words. The three most impactful words.

There’s no taking them back. You say them, and they’re out there. Forever.

For this reason, most of us are very careful with them; so careful, in fact, that we rarely say them to anyone other than our romantic partner or close family members. And even then, we’re pretty reserved with our use of the precious words, maybe only saying them a handful of times in an entire year.

Elephant Journal     1st June 2017

Finally, some Advice on Being Happy that Actually Works.

Everybody’s a goddamn life coach these days.

Every time we log on to one of our 15 social media accounts we see the bullsh*t memes and article shares inundating our newsfeeds.

“Seven Steps to Becoming a Happier Person,” “15 Habits of Incredibly Happy People,” “10 Reasons You’re Still Not Happy.” The author of that last one should tack “Hey Dummy” or something on there to make his obvious superiority to the rest of us crystal clear.

fun is for children

                 Elitefts     22nd May 2017

Fun Is for Children

You’re not twelve years old anymore. If you’re lucky, you get to have so-called fun once in awhile, but you don’t get to just chase it around like a child. You have bills and responsibilities and whatever else comes with being an adult. The no-fun life might suck, but no one cares — or at least I don’t care. In fact, I’m happy you don’t get to have much fun. I hate fun, apart from watching you have none. That’s actually really fucking fun.


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