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Will Little Roo Ever...?


Written from a perspective that will both empower children and comfort their parents, Will Little Roo Ever…? follows a little girl named Ruby from infancy through her first day of school. Ruby isn’t developing as quickly as other children, and her parents wonder if she’ll catch up. As she finally reaches each milestone, they experience both relief and a tinge of sadness in the realization that she won’t remain little forever.

Inside the Mind of an Iron Icon


Stuart McRobert's teachings could literally change your life, at least the part of it devoted to bodybuilding and strength training. I know, because they changed mine. After several years of devoting myself to training according to his recommendations, I went from nondescript to large, muscular, and powerful beyond my wildest expectations.​ Learn how I did it with minimal time spent in the gym, and how you can too, in this comprehensive profile I authored along with McRobert.

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