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Why I’m Tired of hearing about Animal Rights

Elephant Journal * Apr. 5, 2019

"National security is the only issue that should top tackling extreme poverty on our list of priorities. Gun rights and animal rights and abortion rights and every other cause du jour should take a back seat to first making our citizens safe and then figuring out a way to provide basic necessities to as many of them as possible."

This Is Everything That’s Wrong With America’s ‘Pull Yourself Up By The Bootstraps’ Mentality

Thought Catalog * Jul. 3, 2018

"There’s a story behind how every one of them got to this point, but it’s often buried deep under layers of trauma and abuse. Some of that is self-inflicted, and some of it isn’t. If we’re asking how they got here, we’re asking the wrong question anyway. It’s too late for that to matter. With the chronically homeless, the “find the problem and fix it” ship sailed years ago."

Estonia: Just a Few Netflix Titles Away from “Trumping” the U.S.

Elephant Journal * May 19, 2017

"When Estonia is beating up on you, it’s time to ask some hard questions. It’s time to find out why, and do something about it. Since I had a source right in front of me I decided to probe a little more, and this is where the conversation started getting really interesting."

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