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Down in a Hole

Medium * Oct. 4, 2019

"I’ve laid in bed alone in darkness many nights since her death and replayed that sequence over and over in my mind’s eye, tears of frustration streaming down my cheeks. Where is my little baby now? How do I get to her? Will we ever touch eyelashes again?"

He's Coming. Are You Ready?

Medium * Sep. 27, 2019

"Suffice it to say that when I looked in the mirror this morning, I wasn’t appalled at that 50-year-old face staring back at me, but I did see my share of lines and gray hair resulting from this life I’ve lived."

5 Lessons from Kids on how to Stop being So Damn Mean to Each Other

Elephant Journal * Jan. 2, 2019

"I’ll admit, all this nicey-nice stuff is especially difficult for me. Life has beaten me down a bit, like it has for anyone who’s been around a few decades, and I’m jaded. I have a bit of a short fuse and I get irritated with people rather easily. Heavy traffic and crowded stores and restaurants are a few of my biggest triggers."

When He Finally Realized She Was Right To Leave

Thought Catalog * Dec. 24, 2018

"​They looked good in photos together. They’d both done well in school and landed solid first jobs. Their family backgrounds and values were mostly a match. They even got along reasonably well, indifferent enough not to argue very often. If Instagram had existed, their photographic version of Pleasantville would have seemed… well, pleasant if not blissful."

6 Steps to Leading a Balanced Life in a Non-Stop Culture

Elephant Journal * Sep. 22, 2018

"You deserve a balanced life—not because of any amount of work you did or didn’t do—but simply because you’re a human being inhabiting this planet for a short time. You alone have the power to choose to stop running from one obligation to another with your tongue hanging out."

The Worst Chapter of Our Lives Will Never Be Our Whole Story

Thought Catalog * Feb. 4, 2018

"​I lost my not quite six-year-old daughter four years ago to an illness. Was this really my fate? Had my actions to that point really led me to that dismal destiny? If so, what horrific act had I perpetrated that karma needed to punish me so completely?"

Say these 3 Little Words before it’s too Late

Elephant Journal * Nov. 18, 2017

"There are ripple effects to our actions that may reverberate years later. This might sound scary and burdensome, but it shouldn’t. It’s an opportunity—the ultimate opportunity, really, to do the one thing we all want to do before we leave this world. The way we treat others is our best chance to make our mark and create our legacy."

Finally, some Advice on Being Happy that Actually Works

Elephant Journal * Jun. 1, 2017

"'Defining Your Happiness Will Make You Unhappy.' Huh? Is this guy high? Words strung together in succession do not a coherent sentence make. Here’s my favorite: 'Do You Know Why Your Dog is Happier than You?' Yep, sure do. That motherfucker can’t read this bullshit. If we really want to be happy, we’re going to have to stop listening to all of this crap and start doing one simple thing—drumroll please…"

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