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The Old Ways and Bridgeport Football
Connect-Bridgeport * Dec. 16, 2019

"Having just watched the Bridgeport Indians grind out a hard-earned tenth state football championship over the Bluefield Beavers, I alternatively marveled at the unwavering consistency over the last 50-plus years while also wondering how often, if ever, the changing cast of characters tasked with running the program had considered altering the formula for success."

Deflate This
Medium * Oct. 29, 2019

"This is why I like Tom Brady. First he wasn’t good enough. Then he clearly was. Then he was injured. Then he relentlessly pursued a goal that tormented him. Then he was a cheater who became a villain with a Supermodel wife, a boatload of money, and a perfect life. He was the easiest guy in pro sports to hate, and it made me embrace him all the more."

A Historic Opportunity for Bridgeport Football
Connect-Bridgeport * Nov. 25, 2014

"Though I do not remember the exact date, I do remember the moment my blood began to bleed Bridgeport Indian red.  I was in grade school at Johnson Elementary sometime in the mid-1970s.  A few of the high school players came over to talk to the kids and read us a story.  They were big and friendly.  One of them even let me try on his helmet."

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